Tenant information pack

The Tenant Information Pack is a standardised pack set out by the Scottish Government which provides information to tenants in privately rented housing. It covers:

  • property condition
  • tenancy agreements
  • rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants

The aim of the pack is to improve the accessibility of information available to tenants. Information may already be available to tenants and the pack is not intended to replace this, but to ensure that all tenants in privately rented homes receive the same minimum standard of information.

Providing a Tenant Information Pack

  • You must provide new tenants with the Tenant Information Pack by the tenancy start date.
  • You can provide your details on the acknowledgement form, and the pack can then be provided to the tenant in hardcopy or electronically.
  • Where there are joint tenants they can be asked to accept one pack between them.
  • Where you provide the Tenant Information Pack by electronic communication, you fulfil your legal duty by requesting that the tenant information pack’s receipt be acknowledged by electronic communication.

Your legal requirement

The Tenant Information Pack is a requirement by law under section 30A of the Housing (Scotland) Act 1988.

  • Tenant Information Pack must be provided for all new assured and short assured tenancies.
  • Landlords who provide an assured or short assured tenancy will have a legal duty to provide new tenants with a Tenant Information Pack.
  • This includes the renewal of existing tenancies where the landlord and tenant draw up a new lease.
  • A Tenant Information Pack will not be required for existing leases.

Failure to provide a Tenant Information Pack is a criminal offence. If a landlord does not provide a pack, they can be fined up to £500.

How do I access the Information Pack?

The Pack and all relevant background information on what its introduction means for landlords, agents and tenants, can be viewed on the Scottish Government website and the regulations are also available.

Find out more

For more information about Tenant Information Packs or Landlord Registration, please contact the Housing Strategy team.

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