Assistive technology and equipment

This service is now provided by Live Borders.

All libraries have a range of equipment and technology available to assist you when using the PCs. Please ask library staff if you need anything or would like to try any of the equipment listed below.

Need to enlarge your document or have it read to you?

A scanner in every library lets you scan a page of text or opened-up book to a USB stick. This can be magnified or be spoken back to you on any of our PCs.

Can't see the keyboard?

A large print keyboard is available in every library.

Dislike the colours on the screen?

You can use the windows accessibility options to select a default high contrast scheme or one of your own design.

Can't see what's on the screen?

Software on every PC lets you enlarge the image as much as you want or have the text read out to you.

Need a coloured overlay or ruler to help you read the screen?

MyStudyBar includes different colour overlays, T-Bar screen masking and a screen ruler.

Don't like using a mouse?

You can use a tracker ball instead.

Comfortable seating position

Document holders and foot rests are available in every library

Software to help if you have problems seeing or reading the screen

Dolphin GUIDE software is on one PC in each library.

If you're blind or partially sighted, GUIDE makes using a computer simple and easy.

  • Large print keyboard with unique shortcut keys
  • Step-by-step menus in high contrast colours of your choice
  • Friendly voice, reads aloud your options
  • Send emails, browse the web, write letters, download and read books, hear your documents read aloud
  • Guide presents simple menus that are clutter and jargon free

Window-Eyes for Office

Screen reading software for Windows providing you with instant access to the operating system without having to learn a complicated set of keystrokes.

MyStudyBar (with a Scottish voice)

Includes a screen reader, screen magnification, cursor ring, screen masking and colour overlays.

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