Youth Chex

Youth Chex Grants

Youth Chex is a young grant-makers scheme in the Scottish Borders which uses a participatory budgeting approach.  Youth Chex is funded by our Community Learning and Development Service and a grant pot is made available annually to fund youth projects which benefit young people living in the Scottish Borders.

Youth Chex Grants are now closed for 2018

For 2018 Youth Chex was open to groups of young people from across the Scottish Borders aged 8 to 26 who applied to receive funding for events or projects they wanted to run in the Year of Young People 2018 (YoYP 2018).  In this round of funding we had £5,000 to allocate to groups, with a maximum application limit of £1,000. 

To find out more about the Year of Young People 2018 visit the Scottish Borders Council website.

or visit the Year of the Young People website to find out what is going on at  a national level.

Youth Chex - The Big Vote

New for 2018 - In February 2018 all Youth Chex applications went to a public vote.  Eligible voters were young people aged 8 to 26 from across the Scottish Borders.

Successful Applications

As a result of the public vote there were 5 successful aaplications.  these are listed below:

Eyemouth Cinema Project - Connect Eyemouth

We want to turn our youth room that currently looks like a community centre/old folks home into a cool cinema room that people would want to come to, We would then work with other centre users to hold a week of films for the community.

YOYP2018 Themes this project aims to meet:  Enterprise and Regeneration

Hawick High News

We would like to let as many people as possible know about the great things that happen at Hawick High School. Our current equipment is becoming seriously out of date and we are struggling to produce the content we would like with it. We currently only have two working cameras, which do not meet the quality standards for upload to the internet. The cameras also don't allow for microphones to be plugged in which means a lot of our videos have bad audio quality. We would ideally like to purchase a camera which we can plug an external microphone into, this will allow us to produce more complex videos with the addition of audio. We would also like to make additions to our studio in the School. This would involve creating another studio space which would require lighting panels, platform, TV, sofa and table. We will use this multipurpose area for presenting, as well as interviews etc. This area could also be adapted for different types of programmes that we produce. With new equipment we would also like to start making short movies within Hawick and the local area. We would like to showcase these at local events and get as many people involved as possible. Our group is also growing, so having enough equipment for everyone to use is also crucial. Overall we would just like to give pupils within the School the opportunity to try something different with professional equipment, most would never have done this before.

YOYP2018 Themes this project aims to meet:  Participation, Education & Equality and Discrimination

Jedburgh Grammar School Television

We are a small group of dedicated pupils from different years at JGS who are interested in film, media and journalism.  We aim to set up an online television channel called Jedburgh Grammar School Television.  Our plan is to make news, current affairs, drama and promotional programmes to show the world all of the wonderful things that happen in the Jedburgh catchment area.  We will host our channel on You Tube and use social media to promote it as widely as possible. 

We have been given a room in the school to use as our studio and will be meeting at lunchtime and after school in order to create programmes and those of us that know about journalism, filming and editing will teach younger pupils our skills as we create programmes.  This will empower younger pupils and give them a positive role to play in the school.

The work we do will also help encourage other young people in the catchment (in primaries as well as the secondary school) to make the most of their opportunities by showcasing the fantastic things that students achieve every day in our community.  We aim to provide a voice to groups like the LGBT+ Group and the Pupil Council who have important messages for the community but are often not heard.  We also aim to show the whole world how many young people in our area are super talented.  We believe that this will benefit the whole community by bringing young people’s achievements to the living rooms and mobile devices of everybody connected to the Jedburgh catchment area.

By covering events and achievements in sport, culture, academic life, volunteering, charity, health, community projects and everything else that comes to our attention we hope to not only celebrate youth achievement but to empower as many young people as possible by giving them a voice and to inspire them to get as much out of life as possible.

In order to create a polished and professional product which people will admire and take notice of we require a lot of equipment.  Particularly digital cameras for high resolution film and a Mac Mini for professional editing.  If we are successful in securing funds for equipment we will credit Youth Chex and the Year of Young People in all of our programmes throughout 2018 and look forward to promoting the work of Scottish Borders Youth Voice in future years.

YOYP2018 Themes this project aims to meet:  Participation, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Equality and Discrimination, Enterprise and Regeneration & Culture

Introduction to Year of Young People - Scottish Borders YOYP2018 Ambassadors Team A

We hope to use the funding to produce a video to give awareness to people all about Year of Young People. The video will explain all six themes of the year. We hope to make the film with all 13 ambassadors in the Scottish Borders and have the movie filmed in different locations around the Scottish Borders.  This will be shared with primary and high schools and also Borders College and social work.

YOYP2018 Themes this project aims to meet:  Participation, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Equality and Discrimination, Enterprise and Regeneration & Culture

Improving Our Outdoor Space - Tweedbank Primary School Pupil Council

We have amazing space around our school but it is empty. Our learners need equipment to provide them with opportunities to be active, creative and imaginative during their play times as well as for planned outdoor learning experiences.  We want to fill our outdoor space with as many opportunities as possible for children to express themselves and to be active.  We have done a lot already through the support of local organisations and parents who have helped us to build resources for outdoor loose parts play but now is the time for us to have outdoor structures which will inspire and engage our learners.

YOYP2018 Themes this project aims to meet:  Participation, Education & Health and Wellbeing

Youth Chex criteria and rules

In addition to meeting the YOYP2018 criteria, the following rules apply to all Youth Chex funded projects:

  • Youth Chex will fund projects in the Scottish Borders which benefit young people aged 8 to 26 years old
  • applications must be made by young people aged 8 to 26 years old
  • applications must have the support of an Adult Group/Individual Supporter (must be aged 21 or over)
  • applicants must have access to a non-personal bank account in order to receive funds from Youth Chex

Youth Chex will only fund Youth-Led Projects.

 Youth-Led Projects are those where young people have:

  • developed the idea
  • made the application
  • researched the project need
  • taken responsibility for decision-making
  • delivered the project
  • taken responsibility for evaluation

Evidence needed

All applications must be supported with evidence, including:

  • providing photographs of the group/individual young people making the application
  • evidence that there is a need for the project
  • a breakdown of the project costs
  • demonstrating the planning process and how the application has been used as a tool for learning

Making a successful application

Project groups will apply to Youth Chex when they already have an idea that they need to fund, however we suggest that you might consider:

  • A mind mapping activity to help develop your idea - This activity is great for thinking through all the different parts of your project, including what you will do, who it will benefit, what priority it fits in to and what financial support you may need from Youth Chex.
  • A planning and task list - Identify all of the tasks that you need to do to make your project a success. Write down who will do each task, what help they may need to do it and when they will complete this by.
  • Practice answering the application questions - Make sure that you have given our grant makers all of the information they have asked for. It is better to tell us too much than not enough. Ask someone outside of your project group to check over your answers before you complete the final application. They can tell you if anything is not clear.

Further information

For more information contact us using the details below.