School transport

Free school transport

Free school transport and privilege lifts are available for some school children in the Scottish Borders.

We offer free school transport to:

  • all primary pupils who attend and live more than two miles from their catchment school
  • all secondary pupils who attend and live more than three miles from their catchment school
  • on safety grounds if the normal walking route fails to meet certain safety criteria, contact us in such circumstances

Appropriate transport will also be arranged for pupils who have additional support needs. Read our additional needs transport guidance for more information.

Apply for free school transport

Your child may be entitled to free school transport. Contact the support staff in your school who will confirm that your child is entitled to attend the school, take appropriate details and pass these to passenger transport staff who will advise you of transport arrangements.

Please note:

  • it is your responsibility to get your children safely to and from the transport pick up and set down points and to ensure that there is someone at home to receive them
  • bus passes are issued annually in the summer before the new school session begins