Make a placement request

The law allows parents to express a preference for which school their child attends. This is referred to as a non-catchment school.

Applying to your preferred school

To make a placing request:

  1. apply directly to your preferred school
  2. at the same time let your catchment school know that you are making a placing request (they will 'reserve' a space for your child just in case your placing request is refused)

When to apply

You can make a placing request:

  • at any time
  • at any stage of your child's education
  • at any point in the school year

How to apply

This placing request should be made in writing using a placement request form which can be obtained from any school. This form includes a section where you can state your reasons for your choice of school; this will be helpful in deciding how to allocate places.

Once a young person reaches school leaving age, they are entitled to make their own placing request.

Notifying you of our decision

For entry to  primary one or secondary one, requests will not be considered until the demand is assessed against the number of places available.  You will be advised of the outcome of your request by the end of April, provided you make your request on time,

Whenever possible we will agree to placing requests, however, in some circumstances this may not be possible and the placing request will be refused.

School transport

If your child attends a school outwith your catchment area, it is your responsibility to arrange transport.