View water levels at priority grilles

Flood view allows you to view the current water levels at the nine priority grilles in the Scottish Borders. These priority grilles are:

  • Broadmeadows
  • Earlston High School
  • Galashiels Academy
  • Galashiels Fountain
  • Galashiels Mill Lade
  • Jedburgh Skiprunning Burn
  • Peebles South Park
  • Peebles Edderston Burn
  • Selkirk Rugby Club

You can check if these grilles have reached the trigger levels which alert us to clear them of debris, the current water levels, weather forecast, a summary of the nearest gauging station and a picture of the grille.

Debris and blockages

If a grille is blocked with debris such as leaves and branches this significantly reduces the capacity of water that can pass through the grille and culvert which can result in water levels rising and bank over topping causing flooding to homes and businesses downstream.

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