Support for Newcastleton

Thursday 04 March 2021

Advice Sheet for Newcastleton Residents – February 2021 flooding incident

We want to do everything we can to provide the support you need and help Newcastleton recover as quickly as possible following last week’s flooding.

We hope you find the information below useful.

Roads update

  • The B6399 will be closed for five days from this coming Monday (8 March) until next Saturday (13 March) to allow for emergency repair works to be undertaken at Whitropefoot and Whitrope Edge to stabilise sections of roadside embankments
  • In order to carry out these works safely and efficiently, the B6399 will be closed to all traffic from Whitrope Heritage Centre to just South of Whitropefoot
  • These necessary repairs will address some sections of instable road – including areas where roadside walls have collapsed and roadside verges have been washed away
  • Details of this will be promoted across SBC’s social media channels before and during the closure to raise awareness amongst local communities
  • All other roads, including the B6357 and the D39/3 Kershopefoot Road will remain open  
  • SBC has carried out inspections to roads, bridges and other key structures in the area affected by the flooding
  • We are continuing to liaise closely with SEPA and will look to programme any other repairs that are required

Clean up work and skip allocation

  • JCBs and street-sweepers have been carrying out a range of duties including road sweeping, cleaning gullies and minor road repairs
  • Additional skips have been provided for residents to remove damaged electrical items and general waste from their properties
  • Residents are asked to leave damaged electrical items at the side of the skip, and place general waste into the skip
  • Arrangements for the removal of skips and the subsequent cleaning of streets will be agreed with representatives of the village in due course
  • Please contact our Waste Team through 0300 100 1800 for information on disposal of any hazardous waste or asbestos containing materials
  • Information around cleaning flood-damaged homes, the drying process and infection control is available from   

Housing support

  • SBHA is leading on the operation to co-ordinate what is required in terms of temporary accommodation for all housing tenures and is working with other housing associations and partners to provide the best solutions for everyone and ensure that all properties affected by flooding are visited
  • If you are a housing association tenant and have concerns about damage to your property please get in touch with your relevant housing association
  • If you are not a housing association tenant and have a housing repair issue, please contact your insurer

Think before you throw away

  • If your property or contents have been damaged due to the flooding, please contact your insurance company without delay and check what information/evidence of damage they require
  • Please take photographs and take your insurer's advice before you dispose of any damaged goods
  • It is always safer to remove damaged goods from your house and leave them beside your house to be reviewed by insurers before you dispose of items
  • Advice around cleaning your home, the drying process and infection control is available from


  • For electricity issues contact Scottish Power Energy Networks on 0800 092 9290
  • For Scottish Water contact 0800 0778 778

Welfare Support

  • SBC staff are continuing to work closely with the Community Council to ensure that the right type of support is provided
  • Anyone who has concerns should contact 0300 100 1800
  • The Teviot & Liddesdale Community Assistance Hub (CAH) will continue to provide support to those who require assistance.  Services involved with the CAH include SBC, NHS Borders, registered social landlords, Citizens Advice Bureau, Red Cross, Salvation Army and Volunteer Centre Borders as well as local NDCT and Newcastleton Resilience Group. Anyone who has a welfare concern or would like advice can contact the CAH on 0300 100 1800.
  • In the event of an emergency call SBC’s out of hours team on 01896 752111


  • Please be assured that all staff from Scottish Borders Council and partner agencies who are on location in Newcastleton will be adhering to all COVID-19 guidelines, including social distancing and the wearing of face coverings 

Flood protection

We fully understand that people in the village want to know what’s happening in terms of any future flood protection measures. The following information outlines the current position on any potential improvements:

Temporary Measures

  • SBC is actively considering options for viable small-scale temporary flood measures that could be put in place
  • We are in discussions with the specialist flood consultant who undertook recent studies to assess potential measures that may provide additional temporary protection
  • Investigations into temporary measures will also consider what could be put in place to reduce the amount of water that backs up from the river via the sewer/drainage system
  • Any viable temporary measure is unlikely to guarantee 100% protection against future events of this size, due to flooding also occurring through the floors at a number of properties

Future Flood Protection

  • A flood study for Newcastleton commenced in 2017 to assesses the flood risk to Newcastleton from the Liddel Water and also the small watercourses.
  • Our findings from the study determined that a suite of direct defences was the best option to provide flood protection to Newcastleton and would provide the desired industry standard level of protection for what’s known as a ‘1 in 200 year’ flood event
  • The initial study is complete and the preferred scheme was submitted to the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) in December 2019 to be included in the National Prioritisation Exercise for Flood Protection Schemes in the next Flood Risk Management Cycle 2022–2028 
  • Delivery of a flood scheme is heavily dependent on government funding. The current mechanism sits at 80% government funding and 20% local authority funding 
  • Where Newcastleton is ranked both nationally and regionally will determine if 80% funding will be received from the Scottish Government
  • Although delayed due to the Cyber Attack sustained by SEPA, a national consultation on the Draft Flood Risk Management Strategies developed by SEPA and Draft Local Flood Risk Management Plans will commence in the summer of 2021
  • These will give details on the flood risk in each catchment as well as what actions are proposed to mitigate that risk
  • Feedback received from the consultation will determine what is taken forward into the final Local Flood Risk management Plans to be published in June 2022
  • A Flood Protection Scheme is proposed by SBC in the Solway Local Flood Risk Management Plan 2022 – 2028
  • In support of this, a ground investigation contract is due to be awarded for Newcastleton to establish more information about what happens below the ground in a flood event and to help inform the design of a flood protection scheme
  • This ground investigation will inform what engineering work may be required below ground to supplement a flood wall