COVID-19 staff information

Remote working and staff redeployment

Working remotely

As we move out of restrictions, workers are being given the option of continuing to work remotely. Employees whose role allows them to work from home were required to complete a blended working request form by 14 September indicating their future preference.

What if it’s not possible for me to work from home?

If you are in a role which means you can work from home, please remember that to attend a workplace you require the approval of your Director. Only requests which are essential and critical to service delivery will be approved. For example:

  • you should not be requesting regular access to a building for scanning and printing purposes unless it is critical to the delivery of an essential service and there is no other remote solution 
  • admin support should be provided remotely and meetings should be conducted using Microsoft Teams wherever possible
  • if you are having regular issues with your Wi-Fi connection there are some basic things you can try to help improve the signal. Requesting regular access to the office for this reason should be a last resort. Try Wikihow - how to improve Wi-Fi Reception  for some top tips or contact your broadband supplier for advice before requesting regular access to the office

Any requests for essential access should be submitted through our online form.

If we are working from home can the SBC IT system handle it?

We have worked closely with our partners in CGI to ensure that in the event of a high volume of individuals working remotely that access will be available. Where needed access will be prioritised to ensure critical frontline services are supported.

Line managers should also be aware that with so many people across the country now accessing the internet to homework there are issues and we may have to prioritise access for employees at certain times of the day. To aid this please as far as possible across your teams put in place shifts so numbers are limited throughout the day and evening.

In case of any problems contact the IT Helpdesk:

  • phone: 01835 825042
  • email:

Will I receive a working from home allowance?

No, there are no plans to provide a working from home allowance.

Any agile working arrangement requires you to commit to working from home and to continue doing so when restrictions are relaxed or ended.

Resourcing and Deployment of Staff

While we are currently moving out of restrictions, the position can change quickly. Our organisation still needs to be able to quickly adapt its ways of working to ensure we can deliver critical services to support our communities. This means that if circumstances change you may be asked to work differently to meet the demands of services in greatest need and colleagues may be deployed into other critical service delivery roles.

What type of role might I be deployed to?

You may be deployed into any role that you currently have the necessary skills to undertake or to a role where you can quickly be upskilled into through the necessary training.

Will there be changes to my current salary?

No, unless you are undertaking a role of a higher grade and the normal acting up policy would apply in that case.  

Will I be paid for travel?

The normal employee travel and mileage policy will apply. Wherever possible staff should make use of the pool car scheme for such travel. However, if this is not possible and staff have to use their own vehicle a disturbance allowance will be paid to staff where their place of employment is changed by us and the distance travelled is greater than normal travel. Claims should be made through Business World where available or HR Shared Services.

What if I have to work weekends or evenings?

This may be a possibility as we need to utilise our whole workforce in the best way we can to cover critical services. Services will work with colleagues to discuss changes to working patterns and how the changes to working hours/patterns can practically and fairly be shared amongst staff.   

If I’m doing unfamiliar work what training will be provided?

The appropriate training will be provided to ensure that you have the necessary skills to undertake the work required.  

Will my line manager change?

This may be a possibility depending on how you are deployed.

How long will I be deployed?

That would depend on circumstances and the requirements of the service.