COVID-19 staff information

Annual/special leave and Flexi time

Annual Leave

During the COVID-19 situation, as rules on travel frequently change, you may change your mind about travelling, or be unable to travel to your planned destination, and may wish to cancel or change annual leave that you have already booked.

What should I do if I want to cancel or change planned leave?

You will be expected to take planned leave unless by exceptional agreement with your line manager. Whilst it is appreciated that you may not be able to do what you planned to, it is important to balance staff welfare and the needs of the service. 

Will there be any restrictions on taking leave?  

As normal any request for annual leave will be considered subject to the requirements of the service.

I am travelling abroad but require to self isolate when I return, what happens?

If you can work from home while self isolating, you should do that. If you cannot work from home you will have to take additional annual leave or unpaid leave.

I am travelling abroad, what if I test positive and can’t return when planned?

This will be recorded as sick leave. The absence reason SELFISO should be recorded on Business World.

If you are travelling abroad it is recommended that you check your holiday insurance to ensure COVID-19 cover is included.

Can I claim back annual leave if I test positive and can’t use my leave?

Yes, if you are sick during planned leave you can claim it back. Please refer to the Annual Leave Policy for more information.

What is I am self isolating during a period of annual leave?

Because you are not recorded as being off sick you can’t reclaim annual leave.

What if someone else in my party tests positive and can’t return when planned?

As there is no barrier to you returning you would be expected to return. We appreciate that you will not want to leave your partner or other close relative on their own. If you decide to stay you will be required to take additional annual leave or unpaid leave.

Special Leave

I was unable to attend the funeral of a close family member because of restrictions in place at the time. A memorial service is now being held, will I be given time off to attend?

Yes, you will be given a day’s leave to attend.