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Guidance for employees - self isolation over the festive period

Due to the COVID restrictions in place at the time, a number of employees were required to self-isolate over the Christmas and New Year period, whether because they tested positive or because a household member or other close contact did.

Often this included days which had been pre-booked as annual leave.

Anyone who was required to self-isolate on an annual leave day during the period 24 December 2021 to 4 January 2022 can reclaim that leave in the same way as if they were absent because of sickness.

This does not include the public holidays:

  • 27-28 December 2021
  • 3-4 January 2022

You will require to provide confirmation to your line manager that you were self-isolating on the days being reclaimed. This can be by sending on the message you received requiring you to self-isolate or sending confirmation of a positive test registered with NHS Scotland.

Where annual leave is being reclaimed line managers will need to send an email to to request the additional leave be added to annual leave balances.

Managers should proactively manage their teams’ leave to ensure that any reclaimed leave can be taken.

Teaching staff are covered by the SNCT circular 21/79 – COVID-19 Self-Isolation During Annual Leave and Compensatory Days.