COVID-19 staff information

Spaces for People 20mph trial

The Council approved at its 27 August meeting the introduction of a 20mph trial across all Borders towns and villages this autumn as part of a Spaces for People programme.

Funded by the Scottish Government and managed by Sustrans Scotland, the Spaces for People programme aims to make it easier and safer for people to walk, cycle and wheel for every day journeys during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We have provided some FAQs below to ensure staff have more information on the trial.

We would ask that all staff support the trial and please comply with the new temporary speed limit.

When will the new 20mph limit come into force?

While exact dates have not yet been finalised for the entire programme, it will begin on Monday 5 October in Stow, Coldingham, Eddleston, Newcastleton and Sprouston when signage is installed and will continue to other communities in each locality during the remainder of next week. The full list is available at our website or at the end of this briefing.

The whole programme is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

When is the new 20mph limit enforceable?

Immediately after all the signage is installed in a town or village. It is important staff who drive as part of their duties are fully aware of these changes, and comply with the new 20mph limit.

How many towns and villages are included in this programme?

A total of 91 towns and villages in the Borders are included in this programme.

When will signage in each community be installed?

The full list is available on our website or at the end of this briefing in chronological order of when signage is expected to be installed in each locality. A team has been assigned to each locality to progress the new signage at the same time. 

Are the trunk roads included?

Yes, following discussions with Transport Scotland, sections of trunk roads in the Scottish Borders which run through towns and villages will be included in the trial.

These include:

  • A68
  • A7 south of Galashiels
  • A702

How much funding is Council putting into this project?

Aside from staffing resources to implement the temporary changes, there is no financial commitment from us.

Will I require to drive at 20mph on every road in the Borders?

No, this trial only applies to roads in towns and villages.

If successful, will this trial become permanent?

Once all signage is in place, we will be seeking feedback from communities in 2021 on which of the temporary measures are working and which are not. This will be complemented by academic evaluation of the programme by a leading Scottish university, with a report due to go back to Councillors next year.

How will you be making staff and public aware of the changes?

We will be providing updates to staff in particular those who drive as part of their duties and operate from depots.

We will be carrying out a public communications campaign and aiming to work with schools to highlight the changes and the potential benefits.

Ahead of the new signage being installed in a town or village, the local community will be informed via direct email and social media update, with the timetable also regularly updated on our website.

Why is this money being used for this project rather than other works?

This funding has only been made available by Sustrans Scotland to encourage active travel through temporary infrastructure works.

Towns and villages and 20mph signage start dates


  • Stow – expected 5 October
  • Heriot – week commencing 5 October
  • Fountainhall – week commencing 5 October
  • Clovenfords – week commencing 5 October
  • Newtown St Boswells – week commencing 5 October
  • Bowden
  • Midlem
  • Lilliesleaf
  • Melrose
  • Gattonside
  • Darnick
  • Newstead
  • Tweedbank
  • Galashiels
  • Oxton
  • Lauder
  • Ettrickbridge
  • Yarrowford
  • Ashkirk
  • Selkirk
  • Redpath
  • Earlston


  • Coldingham – expected 5 October
  • St Abbs – week commencing 5 October
  • Reston – week commencing 5 October
  • Cockburnspath – week commencing 5 October
  • Cove – week commencing 5 October
  • Grantshouse – week commencing 5 October
  • Ayton – week commencing 5 October
  • Eyemouth – week commencing 5 October
  • Burnmouth
  • Chirnside
  • Auchencrow
  • Foulden
  • Paxton
  • Whitsome
  • Allanton
  • Duns
  • Preston
  • Longformacus
  • Gavinton
  • Greenlaw
  • Hume
  • Gordon
  • Westruther
  • Swinton
  • Coldstream
  • Leitholm
  • Eccles
  • Birgham
  • Lennel

Teviot and Liddesdale

  • Newcastleton – expected 5 October
  • Chesters – week commencing 5 October
  • Bonchester Bridge – week commencing 5 October
  • Denholm – week commencing 5 October
  • Minto – week commencing 5 October
  • Hawick (including Burnfoot) – week commencing 5 October


  • Eddleston – expected 5 October
  • Blyth Bridge – week commencing 5 October
  • Rommanobridge – week commencing 5 October
  • Skirling - week commencing 5 October
  • Broughton – week commencing 5 October
  • Cardrona – week commencing 5 October
  • Innerleithen – week commencing 5 October
  • Walkerburn
  • Peebles
  • Kirkhouse
  • Traquair
  • Carlops
  • West Linton


  • Sprouston – expected 5 October
  • Ednam – week commencing 5 October
  • Kelso – week commencing 5 October
  • Stichill
  • Smailholm
  • Bemersyde
  • Clintmains
  • Yetholm
  • Morebattle
  • Heiton
  • Eckford
  • Roxburgh
  • Maxton
  • Nisbet
  • Ancrum
  • Lempitlaw
  • Ulston
  • Jedburgh
  • St Boswells
  • Lempitlaw
  • Lanton
  • Oxnam