Business Rates FAQs

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Why have I received a review form?

We’re carrying out reviews on the Business Rates accounts of anyone receiving certain discounts or exemptions. This is to make sure they still qualify for the discount or exemption.

What discounts and exemptions will be reviewed?

All discounts and exemptions are currently being considered for review.

Do I have to fill in the form?

Yes, you need to fill in and return the form, even if your circumstances haven’t changed.

The person the form is addressed to is no longer liable, do I still need to fill in the form?

No, you will need to contact us to report a change in circumstances. Tell us the reason for your contact is because you have received a review form.

I have lost my review form, how do I get another one?

Contact us to arrange for a new form to be sent out.

What happens if I don’t return my form?

A reminder letter will be sent out if the form is not returned. If the form is still not returned, the discount or exemption will be cancelled.

Why have I received a reminder letter?

A reminder letter is sent to you when the form hasn't been returned. If the form is not returned, the discount or exemption will be cancelled.

Why have I received a letter and bill saying my discount or exemption has been cancelled?

A review form and reminder letter have been sent to you but we haven’t received a response, so we have cancelled the discount or exemption.

My discount or exemption has been cancelled, can I reclaim my discount or exemption?

Confirm by letter or email that there has been no change in your circumstances since you claimed the discount or exemption, and explain why you didn’t respond to the form or reminder letters.

Can I withdraw my application for discount or exemption?

Fill in the review form and confirm the reason why you want to cancel the discount or exemption.

I have never applied for the discount or exemption I am receiving, what should I do?

Fill in the review form and confirm that you didn’t apply for the discount or exemption, so we can investigate this further.

Can I hand the form into a local office, rather than posting it back?

Yes, forms can be returned to a contact centre.