Joint review of culture, sport and leisure services

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Live Borders and ourselves are currently undertaking a joint review of the culture, sport and leisure services delivered on our behalf by the charity Live Borders.

An online public survey is live and a series of engagement events are taking place. The format of these events is as follows:

  • 2.30pm to 6pm – Drop in (open to all)
  • 7pm to 8.30pm – Structured discussion following brief presentation (registration required - book now using the links below)

They will take place as follows:

Please click on the above links to book a place at the evening discussion sessions.

Anyone unable to take part in the face-to-face engagement events can take part in online sessions on the following dates. Please book your place using the link below:

About the joint review

The aim of the joint review is to ensure the sustainability of the services and facilities provided across the Scottish Borders.

A programme of community engagement, including public and school pupil surveys and engagement events, is at the heart of a joint review and has now commenced. The focus is on the quality, quantity, accessibility, affordability and ongoing sustainability of these services.

This is an opportunity for our communities and residents to shape the future of these services and it is important that the views of as many people as possible can be taken into account.

Why is the review taking place?

The joint review is being driven by a number of key factors, including decreasing public funding, changing needs and aspirations of communities, inflation and increasing energy costs.

Against this backdrop, both organisations believe it is key that sport, leisure and cultural services and facilities are provided that deliver on what is most important to rural communities and towns in the Borders.

What happens next?

The joint review will inform proposals for the sustainable future development and delivery of Live Borders services.

The review is expected to be complete by end of October this year and the outcome will result in a new joint agreement, replacing that put in place when Live Borders was established in 2016, and inform the 2024/25 service and budget planning process.