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About Cheviot

Cheviot is physically the smallest of the five areas in the Borders, with the second-smallest population, which was estimated at 19,503 in 2014. Its only towns of over 1k people are:

  • Kelso (6,821)
  • Jedburgh (3,961)
  • St Boswells (1,466)

The only other settlement in the locality with a population of over 500 is Yetholm. These settlements account for 65.3 per cent of the area’s population, with the remainder living in settlements of less than 500 people or in isolated farms and hamlets.

Settlements with a population of less than 500 include:

  • Sprouston
  • Ancrum
  • Ednam
  • Oxnam
  • Morebattle
  • Maxton

How can you get involved?

Area partnerships are meetings designed to help you find out more about local services, and give you the chance to tell us what you think. Cheviot Area Partnership is chaired by Cllr Scott Hamilton and meets five times a year across the Cheviot area. For further information contact the Democratic Services Officer online or by phone on 01835 826502.

Discussion outputs from previous Area Partnerships meetings:

Cheviot councillors

Community councils

There are 15 community councils in the Cheviot area:

Asset Register

Our asset register for land and property in the Cheviot area.


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Cheviot area facts and figures

Our Strategic Assessment  provides a useful and informative range of data and analysis for the Scottish Borders. The Area Profile provides a shorter summary.

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