Coronavirus (COVID-19) school updates

Summer Childcare Hubs

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support during these unpredictable and challenging times.

We remain fully committed to supporting vulnerable children and those whose parents are considered to be key workers.

Support for parents and carers is available.

Key worker summer childcare hubs online booking system

Key worker parent/carers can now book their children into summer childcare hubs for the week ahead rather than on a daily basis. The current list of key workers is available.

Parents/carers are reminded that priority must be for children of the most critical key workers and the most vulnerable children in our society.

With the government guidance in mind, key worker parents/carers accessing our summer childcare hubs will only be available when:

  • When both parents are key workers
  • Absolutely no other form of childcare is available

As restrictions are lifted it is expected that parents revert to usual method of childcare immediately.

Children who are currently enrolled in Early Years (nurseries) must book for Early Years Hubs, even when they have turned five years old.

The Hubs based in High Schools can only be accessed by children who have been in Primary One upwards this past school session.

13 to 19 July booking form

The online booking form for next week (13 to 19 July) is now live. The deadline is Tuesday 14 July. 

6 to 12 July booking form

The online booking form for this week (6 to 12 July) is now closed. If you miss the booking form deadline, late bookings can be made through [email protected]

Summer childcare hub locations 

Summer childcare hubs for primary and secondary aged children operate from our secondary schools. During the summer, hubs will be staffed by a mix of our employees, some summer students and Active Schools staff from Live Borders who will plan and organise an activity programme.

The Early Years Hub locations largely remain the same, with changes to Selkirk and Galashiels hub locations. 

Current school or setting

New Early Years Hub

New School Hub (primary 1-7 and S1-S2s)

Hawick Cluster Schools

Cherrytrees Nursery

Wiggly Worms

Cherrytrees Nursery

Hawick High

Galashiels Cluster Schools

Tweedbank Early Learners

Busy Bees (BGH)

Cherry Trees Melrose

Galashiels Academy

Kelso and Jedburgh Cluster Schools

Castlegate Nursery

Castlegate Nursery, Kelso

Kelso High

Jedburgh Grammar Sports Complex

Earlston Cluster Schools

Cherry Trees Melrose

Busy Bees Nursery (BGH)

East Green Nursery

Old Station Melrose

Cherry Trees Melrose

Busy Bees Nursery (BGH)

Earlston High

Eyemouth Cluster Schools

Highway Nursery

Seashells Nursery

Highway Nursery

Eyemouth High

Selkirk Cluster Schools

Argus Selkirk

Busy Bees (BGH)

Cherry Trees Melrose

Selkirk High


Peebles Cluster Schools

Kingmeadows Nursery

First Nursery

Village Nursery West Linton

Newlands Kids

Rosetta Peebles

West Linton Early Learners

Kingmeadows Nursery, Peebles

Village Nursery West Linton

Peebles High

Berwickshire HS Cluster Schools

Fogo Nursery

Links Nursery

Links Nursery, Duns

Berwickshire High

Updated locations are listed

Summer childcare hub details

  • Opening hours - seven days a week, 7.30am-6pm
  • Bookings are now being made seven days at a time
  • We continue to ask parents to drop off and pick up children
  • Parents/carers are reminded to fully complete this form for the week ahead before dropping off their children at the chosen hub, in order for the appropriate number of staff to be allocated to each hub.
  • Children will automatically receive a place once the booking is made. No confirmation will be issued
  • Proof of employment will be requested and a registration form completed upon arrival at the hubs
  • If the booking form deadline is missed, late bookings can be made through [email protected] 
  • Free school meal pick up locations are available
  • Parents/carers who can care for children at home should not send their children to an education setting. This again will help break the cycle of infection.

Does your child require transport?

Transport to the summer childcare hubs can be provided for key worker’s children if you have no other means of transport. Before booking your journey please consider if the journey can be made by alternative means such as walking or cycling. 

Any parent or carer who requires transport for a child to attend a hub should email [email protected] the week before transport is required or at the latest, before 4pm on the day before, providing the following information:

  • Name of Child/Children
  • Summer activity Hub
  • Contact number
  • Address
  • Dates/days attending the hub
  • Drop off time at hub in the morning, if transport is required
  • Pick up time from hub in the afternoon, if transport is required

For transport on Saturday, Sunday or Monday, please email before 3pm on Friday.

We cannot guarantee that transport can be arranged for late requests.

Following recent guidelines, passengers should also wear a face covering when using public transport as a consideration to fellow passengers and transport staff, except for very young children or those with particular conditions. Read further guidance on the Scottish Government website.

Appeals process

An appeal process has been established for any parent/carer who is deemed not to meet the key worker criteria or who has alternative childcare options. They would not therefore be able to place their child in a hub.

The appeal process will provide a decision within 24 hours.

Information on the appeal process will be provided to parents/carers as required by the Hub Manager.

Please note that a parent/carer who in the judgement of Hub Manager does not meet the criteria for hub eligibility cannot leave their child at the hub.