Council housing and housing associations

Scottish Social Housing Charter

The Scottish Government’s Scottish Social Housing Charter sets out standards and outcomes that social landlords should achieve.

The Charter says that homeless people:

  • Should get prompt and easy access to help and advice.
  • Are provided with suitable, good quality temporary or emergency accommodation when it is needed.
  • Are offered continuing support to help them get and keep the home they are entitled to.

Our performance

We must provide an Annual Return on the Charter (ARC) to the Scottish Housing Regulator every year.

Our performance on the Charter standards between April 2013 and March 2014:

  • the average length of time in temporary accommodation in Scottish Borders was 65 days, compared to the Scottish average of 99 days.
  • 17 per cent of offers of temporary accommodation were refused, compared to the Scottish average of 10 per cent
  • 91 per cent of people were satisfied with the overall quality of temporary accommodation they were provided, compared to the Scottish average of 86 per cent

How can I find out more?

Contact us if you would like to find out more about our performance, or if you have any complaints about our service to you or if you have any ideas for how we can improve our services.  You can contact us by:

  • Freephone 0800 376 1138
  • phoning us on 01896 661385
  • contact us online
  • writing to us at Homelessness Service at Scottish Borders Council, Paton Street, Galashiels, TD1 3AS

You can get a copy of the Scottish Social Housing Charter by visiting the Scottish Government website.

The Scottish Housing Regulator’s website also has lots more information about the Charter and about landlord performance.