Peebles High School Fire Update

S1-S3 FAQs

Latest update: 10am Wednesday 15 January

  • From Monday 9 December S1-S3 pupils have been receiving face–to-face teaching within Peebles at alternative locations listed below.
  • This will continue from Monday 6 January until Friday 31 Jan.
  • S1-S3 pupils will work from home on Monday 3 February to allow us to return to the school site in a safe and managed way.  Work will be provided on this day on the Show My Homework app and Glow.
  • S1-S3 pupils will then return to Peebles HS on Tuesday 4 February.
  • S4-S6 pupils are receiving face-to-face teaching from PHS staff in Galashiels. This will continue from Monday 6 January to Thursday 9 January, after which exam leave starts. S4-S6 will then return to Peebles HS on Monday 3 February after exam leave finishes on 31 Jan.  Details available in our S4-S6 FAQs

Where is S1-S3 learning taking place?

Learning is taking place in the following locations in Peebles:

  • Kingsland Primary School
  • Halyrude Primary School
  • The Gytes
  • The Drill Hall
  • The Leckie Hall
  • Parish Church
  • Burgh Hall

Students are based in one of these locations with staff moving between them as required.

How are pupils getting to their new learning environment?

  • Pupils who currently travel to PHS by bus are being transported as normal. More detailed travel arrangements are available.
  • All buses are leaving to and from the main Kingsmeadows carpark.
  • Students going to the Halyrude PS location should board the Borders Buses shuttle service at Kingsmeadows to be transported to the school. They will then be picked up from Halyrude and dropped back at Kingsmeadows at the end of the day, where their normal bus will be waiting to transport them home.
  • Students going to Kingsland should board the Austin's shuttle service at Kingsmeadows to be transported to their school. They will then be picked up from Kingsland and dropped back at Kingsmeadows at the end of the day, where their normal bus will be waiting to transport them home.
  • All other S1-S3 pupils should walk to their allocated location. All walking routes are detailed on the map provided. 
  • Support has been available at Kingsmeadows to help pupils with transport arrangments. Our thanks go to those parents who volunteered to help as well.
PHS fire - S1-S3 maps


What are the timings of the day?

  • On Monday-Thursday, learning is available from 9am-3.30pm. Students who travel by bus should leave their location promptly at 3.30pm to ensure they get to Kingsmeadows carpark in time to catch their bus at 3.45pm.
  • Lunch will be provided at 12noon.
  • Classes finish at 1.20pm on Fridays.

Where are students located?

  • S1-S3 students have been allocated a location based on their class.
  • These will stay the same after the Christmas break.






Parish Hall





Drill Hall




























Leckie Hall





Burgh Hall





What is the learning offer?

  • S1-S3 are learning a wide range of subjects throughout the week.
  • Given the non-education nature of the settings, access to practical activities is minimal.
  • Teaching staff are continuing to refine the timetable wherever possible to ensure pupils are getting the best learning offer that can be provided.

Are all subjects being covered?

  • A wide range of learning experiences is available, covering many curriculum areas.
  • Please be aware that has not been possible to provide all elective subjects for S1-S3. This will not be the case for S4-S6 who will receive all their subjects. Your patience and understanding with this is appreciated.

What about students with complex needs?

  • Regardless of year group, all complex needs students from PHS will attend the enhanced provision at Galashiels Academy.
  • This has been in place since Tuesday 3 December and pupils have settled in well.

Can students opt for home learning?

  • No, all S1-S3 students are expected to attend their allocated provision in Peebles.
  • Home learning enabled students to progress with their education immediately after the fire, but is not a replacement for face to face teaching.
  • A huge amount of learning has been available on Show my Homework, but this is likely to reduce over time as teachers focus their efforts on direct teaching.

What happens at break and lunchtimes?

  • Students need to provide their own snack at breaktime.
  • Free soup and sandwiches are available at lunchtime. Special diets are being catered for.
  • ParentPay is currently suspended. Any existing credit on your account will remain.
  • Students are allowed to leave their setting at lunchtime to get some fresh air before afternoon learning but as always high standards of behaviour are expected.


  • All students are being registered each day as per normal practice.
  • Groupcalls will be sent to parents/carers if a student does not attend their designated location.
  • Parents/carers are encouraged to notify the school of any absences and likely duration.

How can parents advise of any absences?

  • Parents should report any absences via our online form.

How can parents contact students during the school day?

  • Please contact 01721 720975.

Health and safety

  • All buildings have been risk-assessed and as being accessible for pupils. Routes between locations have also been assessed.
  • Each location has access to a phone and first aid provision. Medical information has been shared with relevant staff.

Support for pupils

  • We recognise the importance of support for students, both in the short term and over the coming weeks, ranging from pastoral and wellbeing through to career and curricular support.
  • School pastoral staff are available to provide any support that is required. Quarriers workers are also be available to provide emotional and wellbeing support. 
  • Pastoral support for staff is available in both Galashiels and Peebles.
  • Skills Development Scotland time is being spent mainly in Galashiels.
  • Community Learning and Development staff are working with young people in Peebles.
  • Educational Psychology services are based in Peebles.

Where can I get more information?

  • If students have any queries, they should speak to their class teacher in the first instance.
  • Updates will continue to be provided on our dedicated pages