Our Response to Severe Weather - Feb/March 2018

Waste and Recycling

The on-going adverse weather conditions has impacted on waste and recycling services.

On a day-to-day basis, a review is being carried out of where waste and recycling collections can safely take place.

This review takes into account:

  • The temporary redeployment of staff onto other vital works such as winter maintenance
  • Health and safety issues related to householders having to manoeuvre bins through snow to present for collection
  • Health and safety issues for staff trying to empty bins surrounded by heavy packed snow
  • Road and footway conditions
  • Access issues

My bin collection was missed during the snow – will you be back to pick it up before my next scheduled collection?

Over 64,000 household and nearly 2,000 commerical bin collections were missed during the extreme heavy snowfall of Wednesday 28 February, Thursday 1, Friday 2 and Monday 5 March.

As a result, it is not possible to make arrangements to catch up on these missed collections before the next scheduled collection days. 

Should I report my missed bin collection?

If your bin collection was missed on Wednesday 28 February, Thursday 1 March, Friday 2 March or Monday 5 March, your collection was cancelled due to the extreme weather.

If your bin collection was missed from Tuesday 6 March onwards, you can report it to us.

What should I do with my extra waste then?

Arrangements are in place for all excess waste and recycling (including food) materials to be collected on next scheduled collection days.

During this period, you can help by ensuring:

Household waste:

  • Present excess, bagged general and recycling waste for collection on your next scheduled collection day.
    • Aim to place bins and sacks in a safe, accessible location
    • Make best use of space in your bins by squashing items as much as possible
    • Place excess waste and recycling in bins where possible or present in bags alongside wheeled bins
    • Continue to recycle as much as possible – keep general waste and recycling separate
    • Excess recycling can be presented in any colour bag other than black
    • All excess general waste should be bagged (black bags ideally but any colour; please do not use council issue recycling bags for general waste)
    • Continue to recycle food waste where you have space in your outside food caddy

Commercial general, recycling and food waste

  • Attempts will be made to catch up and collect all trade waste as quickly as possible
  • If a collection does not take place before a next scheduled collection, all excess waste and recycling will be collected.

Excess waste and recycling can also be taken to any Community Recycling Centre, all of which are back open. The landfill site and waste transfer stations are also open again.

Can I help?

We appreciate the co-operation and patience of residents as we work to return the waste and recycling service to normal.

You could help our crews in the following ways, if safe to do so:

  • Clear away snow around bins to make them, and any excess bagged waste, accessible for crews
  • Clear a path through snow from the footway to the roadway which can be used to wheel bins to the vehicle for collection

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

In some areas vehicular access may still be restricted, for example dead ends or turning points where large snow accumulations lie or where vehicles are still snowed in.

Where it is safe and there are clear pathways, crews will aim to empty as many bins as possible. This may mean the crews need to bring all the bins to a single collection point for emptying. 

In such instances, collected bins may be left in clusters at a safe location and not be returned to individual presentation points. Householders are request to retrieve bins as soon as possible and return them to their property.