Priority building grants

The Jedburgh CARS project has allocated priority building grant funding to selected buildings within the Jedburgh CARS Boundary. Six priority building projects have been identified so far and a programme of repairs will be carried out during the Jedburgh CARS project.

How were these buildings chosen?

The buildings were chosen by the Jedburgh CARS Steering Group and are:

  • Located in prominent positions, or
  • Currently having an adverse impact on the town centre due to their condition.

How will the grants help?

The grants will help the buildings:

  • Establish a sustainable future
  • Demonstrate the benefits of Heritage Led Regeneration

Can I apply for this grant?

Priority building grants are only available to buildings selected by the Jedburgh CARS steering group. However, you may be eligible for our General Repairs Grants.

Who can carry out the work?

Grant eligible works must be undertaken by a suitable experienced building professional and/or building contractor and must be to accepted conservation standards.

All building professionals or contractors involved in CARS funded repair works will be asked to complete a questionnaire to demonstrate their relevant experience in similar work.

View the Professional Agent Requirements Guidance

Where experience cannot be demonstrated Jedburgh CARS can offer limited funding for Traditional Skills Training to encourage upskilling among local professionals.

Conservation Accreditation is not essential for the majority of CARS funded repair projects.

Historic Environment Scotland publishes a range of information leaflets covering roofs, external walls, doorways and more.

Further information

For more details on the Priority Repair Grants please contact Jedburgh CARS online.