Request bins and bags

Rubbish and recycling bins

We provide grey lidded household waste and blue lidded recycling waste wheeled bins free of charge - one bin per household.

If you need a new bin, contact our Waste and Recycling team online.

Food waste

Food waste bins and caddies

For areas where food waste collections service operates, request a new outdoor food waste caddy by contacting our Waste and Recycling team online.

Food waste liners

When your supply of liners is running low, tie an unused liner to the handle of the outdoor caddy on your food waste collection day. A new supply of liners will be left by the collection crew.

Alternatively, liners can be collected from any contact centre.

Recycling bags

All household recycling material should be put in your blue lidded wheeled bin or recycling bags.

A small number of households such as some flats and properties that do not have space for a recycling bin will continue to receive an annual supply of recycling bags.

Contact our Waste and Recycling team online to request additional bags. These are free of charge.

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