Garden waste

We no longer provide a garden waste collection service.

What should I do with my garden waste?


Composting at home is the best environmental option and produces a useful, cheap product.

New compost offer at recycling centres

Sustainably produced and peat free compost can now be ordered from Caledonian Horticulture and then picked up from a number of our community recycling centres.

You will receive a voucher from the supplier which you can take to a participating recycling centre to exchange for your compost. Compost can only be purchased in advance from Caledonian Horticulture using a PayPal account.

The compost can be picked up from:

Where is the compost from?

The compost available at our recycling centres has come from East Lothian where some of our garden waste is composted, and where garden waste collected from the East Lothian area is composted.

Why do the costs differ for residents in the EH postcode area?

Caledonian Horticulture have factored in transportation costs from their bagging plant in East Lothian into our deal.

Is there a limit on how many bags I can purchase?

Stock levels at each site are limited. To prevent arriving on site to find there are not enough bags to fulfil your order, it is recommended purchasing no more than six bags at a time.

If you would like to purchase a bulk order, you can do this by contacting Caledonian Horticulture.

Will I be required to show any form of identification to your staff when uplifting my compost?

No but you will be required to show proof of purchase. Details are available from Caledonian Hortculture. Our recycling centre staff will not take any payment, it has to be made through the supplier prior to your pick up.

Community recycling centres

You can take your garden waste to any community recycling centres.

Alternative garden waste collection services

A number of private companies offer a chargeable garden waste collection service.

Find your nearest recycling centre, tip or dump