COVID-19 recycling centres reopening information


Are recycling centres open during lockdown?

Yes, however, it's important that you only visit your local community recycling centre if you cannot store your unwanted items safely at home and that you keep visits to a minimum.

Why does there need to be temporary restrictions?

We have introduced temporary restrictions to ensure the safety of our customers and staff and allow access for as many people as possible.

Failure to comply with the temporary restrictions and social distancing guidance will result in recycling centres having to close again.

How long will the temporary restrictions be in place for?

Some of the temporary restrictions could be in place for the longer term, due to the continued requirement to social distance.

The temporary restrictions on waste materials will be relaxed as soon as possible and may be amended at short notice. Any changes will be communicated as soon as possible.

Why do households with a large van/trailer have to use a booking form to use a recycling centre? 

Bookings can now be made by households with large vans/trailers.

The booking system has been brought in to minimise the impact on queuing times while allowing all vehicle types to access recycling centres.

What should I do before I visit a recycling centre?

Please check our website for information on any restrictions in place and queuing times at each recycling centre.

If the queuing time is lengthy, we would advise travelling at a later time or date as queue lengths will be restricted.

Please wash your hands before and after leaving our recycling centres.

Does my garden waste need to be bagged?

Your garden waste needs to be brought to the site in standard bags so that it can be quickly and easily disposed of into the relevant container. This is because:

  • we will not be able to assist you with lifting the garden waste from sheets/covers due to social distancing guidance
  • only one person is allowed out of your vehicle to move the waste
  • we need waste to be disposed of quickly to reduce waiting for other customers, due to social distancing queuing for access to the sites will increase

Will I be able to get assistance to lift my waste when at the recycling centre?

No. Due to social distancing measures, our staff cannot assist you with lifting waste. Additionally only one person is allowed out of your vehicle at a time. The only exception is for heavy items such as washing machines where two people can leave the vehicle to offload waste.

What materials are classed as general waste?

Any item you would normally put in your general waste bin which is collected at your home. The list includes:

  • black plastic
  • coat hangers
  • toothpaste tubes
  • cheese and meat wrappers
  • cotton buds
  • crisp packets
  • sweet wrappers
  • food waste, where you live in an area that does not receive a food waste collection

Large general waste items are also being accepted. These include:

  • mattresses
  • plastic garden furniture
  • kitchen units
  • carpet
  • wood
  • wooden furniture
  • scrap metal

Is the bulky waste collection service running?

Yes, you can book a bulky uplift online.

Face coverings

If your face covering is not reusable, you should dispose of it safely in the general waste bin. Disposable face coverings and gloves cannot be recycled.

Littering is a criminal offence and you can receive a fixed penalty of up to £80. Please respect our communities, wildlife and countryside and put disposable face coverings or gloves in the litter bin, or take them home to dispose of safely.

If you have COVID-19 or live with someone who does, you need to take extra precautions before throwing away disposable face coverings. Double bag personal waste items that have been in contact with the person (including face covering or gloves), store the waste safely for 72 hours, then throw it in the bin.