COVID-19 recycling centres reopening information

Temporary restrictions information

Households and traders with trailers or large vehicles can now access recycling centres using our online booking form. Find out more about our booking system.

Restrictions still in place

Some measures remain in place to ensure centres can continue to operate effectively:

  • As our colleagues on the sites are encountering a large number of people on the site every day, and some of our staff and visitors may be vulnerable to Covid, we ask all visitors to continue to social distance and follow the FACTS guidance wherever they can
  • We are now able to provide assistance to you at our sites. To ensure the continued safety of yourself and our staff please follow the guidance below
  • Staff moving your items for you – we can provide assistance to you so long as you remain at least 1m away from our member of staff
  • You and staff working together to lift a heavy/awkward load – as long as staff feel it is safe to do so they can assist you with large items you may be struggling with, e.g. a sofa, as long as at least a 1m safe distance can be maintained between you, and you are both wearing face masks
  • If you are visiting Eshiels Community Recycling Centre, please do not queue beyond our ‘no queuing’ signage at the top of the entrance road

Further guidance

  • the temporary restrictions are in place to ensure the safety of customers and staff and allow access to as many people as possible
  • waste should be presented in easily managed amounts that can be deposited quickly on arrival at site
  • recycling centres may need to temporarily close at short notice in order for skips to be emptied
  • we thank all residents for their patience and cooperation and would ask anyone using our recycling centres to please treat our staff with respect
  • failure to comply with the temporary restrictions and social distancing guidance will result in recycling centres having to close again