Young people encouraged to take part in housing needs survey

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Published: Tuesday, 31st July 2018

We are running a survey to help us understand the housing needs and aspirations of young people aged 16-34 from across the region, including those currently living outwith the Borders.

Take part in the survey

Complete our survey (takes around 6-8 minutes to complete).

We want to find out:

  • if young people’s housing needs are currently being met
  • what could be done to address any issues being experienced 
  • what impact these could be having on whether they choose to live and work in the area.

We are also looking for young people’s views on various aspects of living and working in the Scottish Borders and about what people might see as important issues for the area in the future.

Are you a young person living outwith the Borders?

Around 400 young people have already been interviewed and given their feedback, but our Housing Strategy team is now keen to hear from those who have moved out of the area to get their views on whether housing has been a factor in their decision to relocate.

Councillor Mark Rowley, Executive Member for Business and Economic Development

“Young people are integral to the future vibrancy and success of the Scottish Borders. A much better understanding of what part housing plays in encouraging them to live here, or to return to the Borders after study is vital.

“This survey will help us to gain the broader understanding that we need to help us with future planning and while we have been able to get a good response from those who live locally, it is also important to hear from those who are currently living outwith the area so we can have the fullest picture possible.

“We are appealing to friends and family to pass the message on to young people they know who would be willing to take part. There will be of course be some who are hoping to return to the area following a period of education or to take up employment back in the Borders, and their views will be particularly important.”

Next steps

Once all the information and data has been gathered a report will be published setting out the key challenges and opportunities for meeting the housing needs and aspirations of local young people.

More information

To find out more, contact Housing Strategy on 01896 661392 or online