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Financial policies

Financial strategy

Financial risk register

Financial plans

Financial regulations

Business plans

South of Scotland Alliance

Equality impact assessments 2014-15

Equality impact assessments 2015-16

Strategic and Learning Community Plans

Equality report and outcomes 2013-2017

Equality mainstreaming update report 2013-2015

Strategic Assessment

Community Planning Partnership structure

Respectful relationships policy

Council Plan

Low carbon economic strategy and action plan

Construction and sustainable development using local timber

Scottish Borders Autism Strategy

Sport strategies

Local housing strategy

Housing strategies

Woodland strategy

South of Scotland Rural Regional Economic Development Programme 2014-16

Equality impact assessments 2016-17

Procurement Strategy

Tourism audit

Community engagement toolkit

LUS Framework

SBC Community Engagement Toolkit

Berwickshire Area Map

Cheviot Area Map

Eildon area map

Teviot and Liddesdale area map

Tweeddale area map

Tweed flood risk management plan

Flood risk management plan - strategic environmental assessment

Scottish Borders Area Profile 2016 infographic

Asset transfer policy

Adult services performance summary

Children and young people performance summary

Co-production performance summary

Energy efficiency performance summaries

Information management performance summary

Integration of health and social care performance summary

Localities performance summary

Property and assets performance summaries

Railway performance summary

Transport performance summary

Workforce transformation performance summary

Digital transformation performance summary

Community Empowerment Act FAQs

Equality impact assessments 2017-18

Property Questionnaire - Winter 2016/17

Asset Registers for our partners

Cultural Strategy

Participation request form

Scottish Government guidance - Participation requests

HSCP locality plans

Corporate parenting

Localities Bid Fund

Safer Communities Team performance

Area Profiles for Scottish Borders Area Partnerships (Localities)

Town Matrix

Parental involvement in schools

Your Part posters

Equality impact assessments 2018-19

Physical disability strategy

Site 2, Mayfield Gardens, Kelso TD5 7BL

Ettrick Primary School, Garden and Carpark, Ettrick Valley, Selkirk TD7 5JA

Asset Transfer Annual Report

Participation Requests Annual Reports

Customer Strategy

Bristish Sign Language Plan

Equality Mainstreaming Report and Equality Outcomes Progress Report 2017 - 2019

Living Well - a plan for carers

CLD Partnership Strategic Plan

Child Poverty Annual Progress Report

Scottish Borders Draft Anti-poverty Strategy

Scottish Household Survey 2019: Scottish Borders summary

Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) Reports

Active Schools Research

Homelessness Deaths in Scotland: A Scottish Borders insight

Healthy Life Expectancy in Scottish Borders: Supporting Documents

Look-up tables for Scottish Borders Data Zones

Scottish Borders Electoral Registration Statistics

Population by Country of Birth and Nationality in Scottish Borders

Drug-related Deaths in Scottish Borders

Avoidable Deaths in Scottish Borders

Population Estimates for Scottish Borders Community Council Areas

Employment by Industry Sector in Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders COVID-19 Recovery Matrix and Index

Scottish Surveys Core Questions results for Scottish Borders

Nomis Labour Market Profiles for Scottish Borders

Scottish Child Payment statistics in Scottish Borders

Scottish Borders Digital Inclusion Index 2017

Community Profiles for Scottish Borders Towns

Area Profiles for 2011 Scottish Borders Intermediate Zones

2011 Census populations for all Scottish Borders settlements

Postcodes in the Scottish Borders by locality