Domestic abuse services - Social care and health

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Social care and health
The social work department offers emotional and practical support to those experiencing domestic abuse and their children. The duty social worker at your local office can provide appropriate advice. Social workers can be a vital resource, their functions include help with emergency accommodation, benefits and finances. Remember if there is a child protection issue always seek advice. Anyone can contact Social work services about their home situation as it often helps to talk to someone. Social work will be aware of any domestic abuse incidents reported to the police, and if you have any children, they may contact you to ensure:

- the ongoing safety of those living at home, particularly your children.
- you understand how domestic abuse affects your children both in the short and long term.
- you have advice, assistance and guidance about what services are available to all family members.

If you have any concerns about the welfare and protection of children, please contact the Child Protection Unit.
Child Protection Unit 01896 662762, Social care and health 0300 100 1800 (option four)