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Domestic Abuse Investigation Officer (Police Scotland)
If you believe you have been the victim of domestic abuse you can report it at any police station. If you are experiencing domestic abuse or have been the victim of previously unreported domestic abuse you can call the police at any time, either by calling 999 or phoning 101 or reporting it via the Police Scotland website.

Police Scotland treats domestic abuse seriously and will take a sensitive approach; their priority is your safety and that of any children. Victims who report any reported domestic abuse incident can specify the gender of the officer who takes a statement from them. In order to gauge the risk towards a victim, officers who attend to speak to victims will ask them a series of risk assessment questions which are designed to allow for an appropriate and proportionate safety plan to be put in place.

If a domestic abuse incident has taken place the police thoroughly investigate such complaints and gather all evidence as required. It may be that any injuries are photographed and medical evidence gathered if relevant. Should the victim and her family need to seek alternative safe accommodation the police and partner agencies can assist.

The Police Domestic Abuse Investigation Unit contains specialist investigative officers, not in uniform, who can offer you follow up support and advice and can also refer victims to the Domestic Abuse Advocacy Support Service (DAAS) who are an agency independent of the police, who can also offer further help and support.
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