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Draft dyslexia policy
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The purpose of this paper "Policy and Procedures for Assessing, Identifying and Supporting the Needs of Children and Young People with Dyslexia" is to refresh and review Scottish Borders Council’s current policy originally written in 2002.

Why do we need a new policy?

• To make sure schools across Scottish Borders Council (SBC) support children with literacy difficulties by using the same guidelines so that the education provided for all pupils is consistent.
• More research information about dyslexia is now available since our last policy was written in 2002.
• The new Policy uses the definition of dyslexia which has been agreed by the Scottish Government
• To provide guidance about support and intervention that reflects advice contained in the government’s national toolkit Addressing Dyslexia (2012).
• Many other definitions of dyslexia, and sources of advice on dyslexia, exist. This can cause confusion for parents, children and education staff about how dyslexia should be identified and about how children should be supported.

We are inviting feedback from parents/carers/others on the summary document which covers the main points of the content in the policy itself. Please read the summary document and complete the questionnaire.

The full draft document is also available if you need more detail on the new policy for further clarification/information.
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19 December 2014
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Lisa Anderson
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