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Schools in the winter

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In severe conditions, it is ultimately your decision whether you believe it is safe for your children to attend school. We will help as much as possible by providing relevant information.

School buses

School transport operators continue to assess road conditions and will make local decisions as to whether it is safe to run the service in the morning.  Arrangements are in place with local radio to relay information about services not running.


  • in normal circumstances, children should not wait more than 15 minutes for the bus.
  • in severely cold weather please use your own judgement
  • it is up to parents to decide whether their child should wait for the school bus
  • if you decide to take your child to school yourself - you will be expected to collect your child at the end of the school day

Clothing and footwear

Please ensure that pupils are appropriately dressed for cold and wet weather conditions.


In emergency situations, there may be a restricted menu in schools at lunchtimes - probably soup and sandwiches. In extreme circumstances, you may be asked to provide a packed lunch for your child if facilities are not available to provide school lunches.


In the event of a school closure, schools send text messages to parents via groupcall. Please make sure your school(s) have your correct contact details to ensure you can receive any text messages from your school in the event of school closures. You can find your school contact details.


Local radio stations will provide regular updates on schools information so please tune in. Updates will appear on the homepage of our site regularly and you can follow us on Twitter @scotborders.

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