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aerial view of the black path in Galashiels, courtesy of Borders Railway

Why are there so many road works in Galashiels?

  • There are a number of really exciting projects in Galashiels at present which means that there will be an element of disruption to the public. 
  • As well as the construction works associated with bringing the railway back to the Borders, Galashiels will also benefit from a new transport interchange and superfast broadband. 
  • The town centre is undergoing  improvement works at Cornmill Square, Anderson Chamber and the High Street.
  • Flood prevention works at both ends of the town and a replacement route for the Black Path are also underway.

View a map of the road works and check what is happening

  • You can view a map of road works below to see what is happening across Galashiels by checking the numbered information tables below.
  • Alternatively you can check our Galashiels road works frequently asked questions.
  • Please note - these dates are indicative and may change as the project progress.
  • This page will be updated every two weeks.

Galashiels, road works, updated plan for January 2015

If this map is too small then please view the full sized image via our Flickr page.   

Railway road works

 Reference  Type of work
 Start date
 End date

 1. Wheatlands Road

Building a new rail bridge over the existing road.

19/10/2013  Completed

 2. Plumtreehall

By July it is anticipated that a new path will be in place for pedestrians to access the replacement black path. 
As part of the Waverley Act vehicular access will be severed between the A72 and the A7. 6/1/2014  Completed

 3. King Street

To allow the railway team to remove and replace a bridge. 

Closure with a diversion over the Windyknowe.  30/5/2014  Completed

 4. Low Buckholmside Footbridge

This bridge needs some work.
Work on this footbridge won't happen until Plumtreehall is open to pedestrians again.         24/3/2014  Completed

 5.  Culvert at B&Q

Significant works here to divert water through a culvert. 

 6. Galashiels Rail Station

The works associated with the station and platform mean that Ladhope Vale traffic will be disrupted. 
Ladhope Vale, Bridge Place and the junction of Stirling Street returned to one-way system to maintain the flow of traffic.  5/1/2015 

 7. Glenfield Road East and West

New water main.

Glenfield Road East closed 5/1/2015 to 6/2/2015. Glenfield Road West closed 2/2/2015 to 6/3/2015      5/1/2015   4/4/2015

 8. Ovens Bridge

Improvement works.
This underpass is being worked on at present.    16/7/2013

 9. Langlee Footbridge improvements

(aka the Mousetrap bridge)

Improvement works. At no time will both Netherdale Bridge and Langlee Bridge be closed at the same time. Signs will be in place to let you know dates.    23/4/2014  Completed
 10. Winston Road
Digging out the road and building a new road bridge.  Overhead cables mean the workforce have to be careful when using cranes in this area.
24/9/2013 Completed
 11. Red Bridge/Black Path
This link between Galashiels and Tweedbank will close to pedestrians as preparation works take place to accommodate both the railway track and new footpath.   
Red Bridge closed for resurfacing. 7/1/2015       
 12. Tweedbank station
Building the station.

Works on the station will commence in September 2014. 24/9/2014   
 13. Tweedbank Station access works
A roundabout is being built, with works underway to re-route utilities such as gas, water, electricity and phone lines. Once this work is complete a new roundabout will be built.

Flood prevention works

 Reference  Type of work
 Start date
 End date
 14. King Street
Flood prevention works.
To better protect Galashiels from flooding.
 2/6/2014  Complete
 15. Dale Street
A new flood wall, extended footpath, Netherdale footbridge and improvements to lighting.

 16. Plumtreehall
A new flood bund is being built. To better protect Galashiels from flooding.  26/8/2013   

Galashiels Transport Interchange

 Reference  Type of work
 Start date
 End date
 17. Stirling Street/Channel Street
The majority of the works on the new Transport Interchange will take place within the site.
Pedestrians may be diverted short term.  
 1/4/2014  1/9/2015

Galashiels road improvement works (GIRR) 

 Reference  Type of work
 Start date
 End date
 18. High Street
Resurfacing will be carried out at same time as phase two of SGN works on Bank Street to minimise disruption.    
The works associated with Galashiels Inner Relief Road IV. High Street will be closed.   Completed 
 19. Stirling Street/Market Street
Over a number of Sundays, resurfacing works will be carried out. The works associated with Galashiels Inner Relief Road IV are coming to an end.  1/3/2014 Completed
 20. Cornmill Street/Bank Street
Over a number of Sundays, resurfacing works will be carried out. The works associated with Galashiels Inner Relief Road IV are coming to an end.  1/3/2014 Completed


 Reference  Type of work  Description Start date   End date
23. Bank Street/High Street area

Essential work by SGN to replace gas main. Detailed information available at SGN website.

Two weeks of work by SBC to resurface High Street will start on 23/2/2015. Details available on our website

Phase one will allow traffic to pass works and lasts three weeks.

Phase two starting on 26/1/2015 will see closure of Bank Street and High Street to its junction with Sime Place for eight weeks. 

Phase three will allow traffic to pass works and last six weeks.

Bank Street bus stop will not be used during phase two. Passengers should use Market Street or High Street stops.

5/1/2015 1/5/2015
24. Huddersfield Street Installation of gas main Road closure 1/12/2014 Completed
25. Black Path Closure Street Lighting and resurfacing 6/12/2014 Completed

A7 North of Galashiels

As part of the work to accommodate the railway there are sections of the A7 that are being temporarily moved and in some instances the A7 is being permanently rerouted and this will mean that users of the road may be subject to delays as it is likely there will be traffic lights on the A7.  

 Reference  Type of work
 Start date
 End date
 A7 Heriot     

Railway work.
Major works to re-align the road and create new junction.  A temporary 40mph speed limit and traffic lights on site. 4/9/2013 
A7 Fountainhall 
Railway work. New road and junction being created. As workers are working on verges, a 30mph limit will be in operation. 17/3/2014 30/04/2015
A7 Falahill 
Railway work. A temporary road is open to allow workers to align railway and work on a new road and bridge. A temporary 40mph limit is in force. 27/1/2014 

This page was last updated on 25 March 2015.

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