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Freedom of information requests : CPD

Title or DescriptionCPD
FOI Number4860
Date Received06/08/2012
Type of RequestFOI
Request or QuestionI would like to make the following request for information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002. In order to keep the cost down please supply in electronic form if possible.
To ask (a) how many teachers are employed by the local authority (b) How many teachers have expressed an interest in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in global citizenship/ international education training (c) how many teachers actually received the global citizenship/ international education training  broken down by the school they are based from (d) what form was the training delivered by (eg. Conference, workshops etc) (e) How much of a budget is allocated to CPD each year (f) Form the CPD budget how much was allocated to global citizenship/ international education training (g)  how much of the global citizenship/ international education training  CPD budget was spent on internal providers and external providers? In each case can information requested from questions a-g be broken down for the last five financial years?
Finally how do you classify/define global citizenship/ international education training?
Response(a) There are 1312 teachers employed by Scottish Borders Council.
(b) Please see CPD courses offered below and up take by schools on attached spread sheet for past 5 years.  This does not capture individual uptake of CPD in this area out with SBC provision as this forms part of each  teachers individual CPD record.
(c) Please see attached spreadsheets.
(d) The training was mainly provided by workshop.
 The following lists the CPD provision in this area over the past 5 years. Predominantly the core of our CPD is  offered during twilight sessions (4.30-6.30pm) or on Saturdays. The spread sheet breaks this down by  provider and schools attending:
 Eco School Grounds          
 Eco Schools - Making it Happen for Pre-Fives
 Eco Schools and Sustainable Development Education           
 Eco Schools and your School's Global Footprint         
 Eco Schools Going for the Green Flag   
 Eco Schools: Creating an Eco School      
 Eco Schools: Going for Green Flag         
 Eco Schools: Making Biodiversity Matter         
 Eco-School Co-ordinators networking  
 Eco-Schools - Monitoring and Evaluation using Schools Global Footprint
 Eco-Schools Food and the Environment topic
 Eco-schools Visit to Edinburgh Schools
 Global Citizenship and Eco-School Network
 Citizenship: A Global Approach
 Citizenship: Fairtrade - Classroom Ideas and Resources           
 Citizenship: Global Citizenship (Secondary)     
 Citizenship: Teaching Controversial Issues (Primary)           
 Citizenship: Teaching Controversial Issues (Secondary)
(e) Each year 80% of the CPD budget is allocated directly to schools calculated on an FTE (full time equivalent)  basis. Full reports both of CPD activity and impact and budget allocations can be found on our CPD online  system under CPD Reports on the top tool bar and the allocations for 11-12 which  have yet to be reported on are attached. The CPD reports give details too if each learning community's CPD  focus and if school have been working toward green flags etc which may be of interest too.
 Individual teacher CPD allocations:
 08-09 £160 FTE
 09-10 £160 FTE
 10-11 £125 FTE
 11-12 £120 FTE
 12-13 £85 FTE
(f) This information is not available as the use of individual CPD funding follows each teacher's Professional  Review and Development Meeting.  As we do not hold this information it is exempt under Section 17 of  `FOISA.
(g) There is no budget for global citizenship/international training.
(h) Developing Global Citizenship in terms of linking to Curriculum for Excellence:
 Global citizenship brings together education for citizenship, international education and sustainable  development education and recognises the common outcomes and principles of these three areas.
 Making connections between them better equips learners with skills, knowledge, values and attitudes  required to understand and address complex global issues which often transcend individual disciplines.
 International Education:
 Preparing children and young people for active participation in a global multicultural society
 Developing a knowledge and understanding of the world and Scotland's place in it.


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