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Freedom of information requests : Deceased Persons

Title or DescriptionDeceased Persons
FOI Number3277
Date Received18/10/2010
Type of RequestFOI
Request or QuestionPursuant to section 1 of the Freedom of information Act 2000, I am requesting information that you hold as a public body.
• Value of estate
Please send your response via email to: Your cooperation in this matter is Please kindly let me have details of people whose funerals have been provided for by public services and estates that have been passed, or are due to be passed, to the Bona Vacantia division of the Treasury Solicitors Department since 01 August 2010.
The information I specifically request includes:
• Name of the Deceased (including maiden name)
• Date and Place of Death
• Date and Place of Birth
• Last known address
ResponseI can confirm that there have been no estates which are being passed or have been passed to QLTR (Scotland) since 1 August 2010.  As we do not hold this information it is therefore exempt under Section 17 of FOISA.


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